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Mariuccia Milla, author

Stories of Food and Life
Blue Sky with Clouds
meet me in milano

Writers are vagabonds of the mind,
and "place" has been a central character in my work.

Stories of Food and Life

Blue Sky with Clouds

Meet Me in Milano

An Ameritalian Writer

Mariuccia is a citizen of Italy and the USA. She was born in the Finger Lakes Region of New York, granddaughter of Italian immigrants. After she finished college and a two-year stint in New York City, Mariuccia bought a one-way ticket to Italy, where she spent the next 18 years.
This full immersion into a new culture was a life-changing event that has influenced her work as a creative person, both as designer and writer. That was the source of her inspiration for
"Meet Me in Milano."
Traipsing around the beautiful Finger Lakes designing gardens inspired another story, "Blue Sky with Clouds," in which two Italian women experience life and love in small town America.
In "Stories of Food and Life," Mariuccia shares simple moments and a philosophy of food gleaned from her days in Italy.

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